If you don’t feel anything when taking a picture — why the viewer should?

© Tim Gallo.

My Master used to say — if the image is already made in your mind before you hit that shutter button — what’s the use in taking a picture?

What he meant is — don’t take pictures with just your mind. The mind is always in a state of analyzing, judging, comparing one with another. It’s a great tool that does not fit for feeling and expressing feelings. But, most of the time, feelings/emotions is what we want to invoke from a picture. That is where the heart comes into play. If you don’t feel anything when taking a picture…

© Tim Gallo.

I’ve been thinking about how a naked woman reminds me of a spiral seashell — how it suddenly becomes alive and magical when you put it close to your ear. How it reflects the sea in all of us with whisper-like sounds, the waves slowly beating on invisible rocks of imagination.

All magical and romantic things are honest and “naked” in their nature. But as seashell needs an ear to reveal the hissing of the universe, so a naked woman needs an observer, a poet who will hiss her into poetic form.

I try to talk about those things to…

I always run from things I want

©Tim Gallo.

I always run from things I want. But beauty — scares me the most.

For some reason, I remember a girl with a scar on her face. She had the most beautiful features, emerald-green sprinkled with grey eyes, a beautiful ripe body, short blackish hair. There was just this scar running across her face as if some animal scratched her. I knew she was traumatized by it even before we started to talk at some party. We became friends quickly. I never had problems seeing behind the cover, and we never discussed her scar.

One night she invited me to…

Medium quickly became text version of youtube. where catchy titles with mediocre content rules… what happened?

So how insane do you have to be to take a good picture?

© Tim Gallo.

I remember a painter girl who appeared in my dreams once… in one hand, she holds masks with faces of all the women I had a relationship with; with another hand — she gently takes mine and puts my thumb in her mouth. Then, sucking on it, she whispers smilingly: Insanity of a narcissist changes to enlightenment if you let it take you further…

So how insane do you have to be to take a good picture?

I am always worried about the conscious part of image-making… if you overthink it — your intent becomes over-exposed(apparent?), the image becomes staged and boring. If you become too loose creatively — the image falls into…

The secrets bloomed flowers whisper…

© Tim Gallo.

As any foreign youth in Japan, I was attracted to everything that smelled of vintage linoleum and rusty paper; if it screamed “showa” to eyes – it whispered “Japan” to heart. What else do you expect from a young boy raised on novels by Japanese writers of a forgotten era? You dreamed of sisters who can’t decide what obi they should wear on the premiere of a new black and white film; you stared at cherries endlessly, trying to imagine the Izu dancer’s breast… all that jazz. …

Tim Gallo

Based in Tokyo Japan, I work as celebrity portrait photographer. Sometimes Movie Director. Occasionally poet. I apologise for not perfect english. timgallo.com

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