Tim Gallo

Hello readers. I decided to create an introduction post for those who first time visit my account.

My name is Tim Gallo. I was born in Russia, but I live in Japan for half of my life. I am professional portrait photographer, my main fields are celebrity and artists portrait…

What are you good at?

My Master sat across the table, puffing a cigar. Relaxed in every manner, as usual, he looked at me with his piercing yet warm eyes through the cigar smoke and asked:

  • What are you good at?

After a few years, I was pretty good at photography. I was getting my…

just rub on it…

In Japanese, there is a word – hin ga aru. Which means something like having a class/elegance/ grace. It also means having a great/good sense of something.

– – –

Distinguishing great sense from mediocrity sometimes can be complicated. As a result, achieving and learning great sense (if One can…

© Tim Gallo.

Shooting portraits of people – means countless hours of just looking at people. Not just looking at them, but seeing them… (and what is unseen at the moment, gets record along with what is seen. ah the beauty of photography)

But no matter how proficient you are in seeing and…

Tim Gallo

Based in Tokyo Japan, I work as celebrity portrait photographer. Sometimes Movie Director. Occasionally poet. I apologise for not perfect english. timgallo.com

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