Dreaming of Tokyo

Tim Gallo
2 min readMay 16, 2020

Am I in someones dream?

Tokyo moves closer and becomes intimate with me only through photography. Pictures I casually snap during my walks remind me of the beautiful, sad, and somewhat sensual relationship that I have with it. Of course, this relationship, like any of a kind, is complicated and changes with time, making snap photography all so more transient to me.

I am not a conventional street photographer in any way, and the time when I roamed the streets aimlessly to re-affirm my own presence and find things to express just for the sake of expressing myself are long gone now.

For a long time, I felt ashamed for my attempts at street photography. Yet I never stopped doing it. I just hesitated to show it. But as my roots sprung and I found the purpose of my artistic endeavors — facing snap pictures of old and present becomes a great way to replenish the inspirational well.

In Tokyo, there are times when I feel like I am at home, but more often, I feel like intruding at strangers family reunion.

I hate to cross the personal line and jump at people’s faces. I prefer to imagine that world represents to me the only scenery that I am supposed to see. This way of conceiving things makes me humble and reminds me that maybe I am just in someone else’s dream, and I am not as significant as I imagine myself to be. And taking pictures is the only way to cut through this dream-matter — one cut, one exposure at a time.

…in effortless state of capturing things, I also wonder, that maybe it is me who dreams all this. It is me who dreams of the sentimental, romantic, and complicated relationship with a city that vibrates like a body of summer Cicadidae.

I am afraid I am not making any sense. But I am at the point that this fear is not stopping me from expressing myself anymore…



Tim Gallo

Based in Tokyo Japan, I work as celebrity portrait photographer. Sometimes Movie Director. Occasionally poet. I apologise for not perfect english. timgallo.com