Woman in Dunes

my self-published photobook.

Tim Gallo
2 min readAug 18, 2022


© Tim Gallo. Cover of [Woman in Dunes] photobook.

A few years back (in times when we could travel), I stepped on the sand with hopes of giving life to an idea that haunted me for a while. Woman in Dunes.
An idea, an image, a mirage, an infatuation.
Using dunes as a canvas on which I could explore my feelings — I created this small book with beautiful actress Shizuka Ishibashi.

© Tim Gallo. Images from [Woman in Dunes] photobook.

The result became a meditation on grainy film that was asleep for a few years. I spent another year creating the layout and giving the project a physical form. Finally, it is here… the book is available in two forms. In small paperback form printed via amazon, easy to reach, a small grain-gem of a book… and more prominent paperback/hardcover form via blurb, for lovers of higher quality photo books.

I hope you like it.

“One does not dance in dunes to reach a destination..”

Woman in Dunes on Amazon.Com (paperback)

Woman in Dunes on Blurb (higher quality. paper back and hardcover)



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